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The first full-length vinyl LP of Saucers material on Rerun Records out of St. Louis, MO, is here!! Third Saucer from The Sun will feature recordings from Saucers’ heyday 1978–1980; some of these were previously released on the What We Did (GTA053) CD in 2002. It also includes material discovered after that release and a song from Second Saucer, an EP released as a Gustav Records CD in 2011. It features members Craig Bell (Mirrors, Rocket From The Tombs), Mark Mulcahy (Miracle Legion), Seth Tiven (Dumptruck), Katherine Cormack, Malcolm Marsden, & Malcolm Doak. The cover is a watercolor/ink mural by our friend S.Jane Mills. You can find more of Jane’s work at www.sjanemills.com.

Available from Rerun Records, P.O. Box 22472, St. Louis, MO, 63126-0472; http://www.rerunrecordsstl.com/ or https://midheaven.com/.

We have original 1979 Saucers singles “Muckraker/What We Do” available for sale at our appearances with either Craig Bell & Band or X_____X. These records come with the original picture sleeve and have been stored in a closet in New Haven, CT since 1980. If interested, drop us an email here for further details.


Check out craigbell.bandcamp.com for live shows and recordings by Craig’s CT bands The Bell System, Future Plan, and The Plan.