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Sad, sad news of the passing of Paul Hamann. I learned a lot about creating music at his SUMA Recording studio as I watched him and David work over the past 15 years. Most of my time at SUMA was spent in this hallway. Straight ahead was the door to the control room where David and Paul would sit behind the control desk. I could usually tell how well my take was going by whether the door was open or closed. It was usually closed.

The stairway behind me leads to the office and kitchen area, as well as access to the main room and the rest of the chalet. Further down the stairs is the tape vault, I think; I’ve never been down there. To the left is the isolated pair of bass amplifiers. This is where I worked and learned. I am forever grateful to both these men for that opportunity.

Thank you Paul for your knowledge, and your kindness. Thank you for making me sound so good with those badass Kent bass amps!

Suma Recording owner Paul Hamann dies

Never before released! Craig and Jimmy Zero play live at the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame, 1997.


Craig Bell & Band will open for Pere Ubu at the Hi-Fi in Indianapolis, IN, November 20.

"Having A Rave Up with X____X" tour 2017 kicks off in Memphis and heads to New York City! John D Morton, Andrew Klymek, Craig Bell and Weasel Walter will be previewing selections from their upcoming album, The Monster That Ate Cleveland.

SIMPLY SAUCER will make its first appearance in Texas to kick off a set of dates up America’s great Mississippi valley. The legendary Canadian proto punk band will be featuring Edgar Breau, Colina Phillips, Mike Treiblcock, Jesse Locke, and Ed Roth. Craig Bell will be filling in on bass for these dates. This is a not to be missed tour!

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The original Rhythm Methodists return with "Hand of Fate," a track on an upcoming Whiplash Records compilation of Rolling Stones tributes.