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(CREEM and EXIT review scans courtesy Nick Blakey.)
EXIT, 05/05/1975
EXIT, 05/05/1975
EXIT, 07/07/1975
EXIT, 06/18/1975
EXIT, 05/19/1975
EXIT, 09/14/1975
CREEM, June 1975 (includes reviews by Peter Laughner)
EXIT, 03/24/1975
EXIT, 04/07/1975
EXIT, 02/25/1975
EXIT, 04/211975 (part one)
EXIT, 04/21/1975 (part two)
EXIT, 03/10/1975
EXIT, 10/08/1975 (part one)
EXIT, 10/08/1975 (part two)
EXIT, 09/24/1975
EXIT, 07/30/1975
EXIT, 06/18/1975
EXIT, 06/02/1975
EXIT, 08/21/1974
PUNK magazine, 1975. Entry for the Patti Smith graffiti contest, as it appeared in print.
VULCHER #1, July 2016
VULCHER #1, July 2016

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Sad, sad news of the passing of Paul Hamann. I learned a lot about creating music at his SUMA Recording studio as I watched him and David work over the past 15 years. Most of my time at SUMA was spent in this hallway. Straight ahead was the door to the control room where David and Paul would sit behind the control desk. I could usually tell how well my take was going by whether the door was open or closed. It was usually closed.

The stairway behind me leads to the office and kitchen area, as well as access to the main room and the rest of the chalet. Further down the stairs is the tape vault, I think; I’ve never been down there. To the left is the isolated pair of bass amplifiers. This is where I worked and learned. I am forever grateful to both these men for that opportunity.

Thank you Paul for your knowledge, and your kindness. Thank you for making me sound so good with those badass Kent bass amps!