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"So Cold" and "Final Solution" with David Thomas @ Lovemuffin Palooza, the Phantasy, Cleveland, 06/25/2010

"Roadmaster/Let It Rain/Why Me" at Sam's Silver Circle, Indianapolis, 2015

"You're Gonna Miss Me," video by Claude Bell, the Melody Inn, Indianapolis, 2015    WATCH HERE

"Network" live video by Mike Kole, Melody Inn, Indianapolis, 02/06/2015

"The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald." Craig Bell - bass guitar/vocal, Samuel C. Murphy - guitar, Phil Kitchel - drums, Alex Kercheval - keyboards. Mike Rippy, Michael Wilson, Neal Beilach, Amy Beilach, Kelsey Simpson, and Samuel C. Murphy, sound effects. Recorded September 02, 2015 @ Postal Recording, Indianapolis, IN; engineered and produced by Tyler Watkins. Video by Grippo Marx.